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v7.10.1 is released

Bugfixes fix(draw) overlap outline with background to prevent aliasing artifacts fix(indev) clear the indev’s act_obj in lv_indev_reset fix(text) fix out of bounds read in _lv_txt_get_width fix(text) improve Arabic contextual analysis...

v7.10.0 is released

New features feat(indev) allow input events to be passed to disabled objects feat(spinbox) add inline get_step function for MicroPython support Bugfixes fix(btnmatrix) fix lv_btnmatrix_get_active_btn_text() when used in a group

NXP's GUI Guider uses LVGL

NXP just announced their new UI editor called GUI Guider which uses LVGL under the hood. Learn more here. Overview GUI Guider is a user-friendly graphical user interface development tool...

v7.9.1 is released

Bugfixes fix(cpicker) fix division by zero fix(dropdown) fix selecting options after the last one fix(msgbox) use the animation time provided fix(gpu_nxp_pxp) fix incorrect define name fix(indev) don’t leave edit mode...

v7.9.0 is released

New features feat(chart) add lv_chart_remove_series and lv_chart_hide_series feat(img_cahce) allow disabling image cacheing calendar: make get_day_of_week() public Added support for Zephyr integration Bugfixes fix(draw_rect) free buffer used for arabic processing fix(win)...

v7.8.1 is released

Bugfixes fix(lv_scr_load_anim) fix when multiple screen are loaded at tsame time with delay fix(page) fix LV_SCOLLBAR_MODE_DRAG

v7.8.0 is released

New features make DMA2D non blocking add unscii-16 built-in font add KConfig add lv_refr_get_fps_avg() Bugfixes fix(btnmatrix) handle arabic texts in button matrices fix(indev) disabled object shouldn’t absorb clicks but let...

LVGL and NXP Partnership

We are proud to announce that LVGL nd NXP became official partners.

v7.7.2 is released

Bugfixes fix(draw_triangle): fix polygon/triangle drawing when the order of points is counter-clockwise fix(btnmatrix): fix setting the same map with modified pointers fix(arc) fix and improve arc dragging label: Repair calculate...

v7.7.1 is released

Bugfixes Respect btnmatrix’s one_check in lv_btnmatrix_set_btn_ctrl Gauge: make the needle images to use the styles from LV_GAUGE_PART_PART Group: fix in lv_group_remove_obj to handle deleting hidden obejcts correctly