Summary of 2022 and some news

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I’m sure when you read this email either you will prepare for the new year celebration or you will be super busy with digesting the tons of emails you received during the Christmas holiday.  

So I don’t want to steal your time, just let me very briefly summarize what happened around LVGL in 2022

We have released v8 with a new style, event, and layout system. We also started to work on v9 in which parallel rendering and refactoring the driver layer will be the key new features.

We have crossed the unbelievable 10k Stars limit on GitHub. In fact by the end of the year we had 11k stars.

We have dealt with more than 1000 Issues and PRs.

We have launched a sponsorship opportunity at and used your support mainly to pay for people who added unit tests.

LVGL LLC became 2 years old. In this year we have designed and implemented a lot of UIs for both small and huge companies. 

This March we have released SquareLine Studio, the official UI editor of LVGL. By December 31 already 15k people had tried it out.   


User projects

Best wishes

And finally I wish you Happy New Year. I hope we will meet in some form next year. Maybe on GitHub or working together on a UI project. :)