LVGL v9 call to test, and review of 2023 schedule

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I think the best Christmas gift I can give you is the many great new features of LVGL v9. We’ve updated the Docs, written the Changelog, and added a lot of tests. Now, I can say with great confidence and happiness:

Please, come and try out LVGL v9!

The best ways to do it are using:

To iron out all the final issues before the release on January 15, your feedback is very important! So, if you find anything unusual, something is not working, LVGL crashes, there is a regression in performance, or something is not obvious, please write to us. No matter what, how, or when, just share your experience with us. We read every email and GitHub issue. You can even reply to this email!

And now, let me summarize the greatest achievements of the year…

What happened in 2023?

We will stay committed to being open, inclusive, and shipping the greatest UI features for you under the free MIT license.

Despite the major issues all around the world, I hope 2023 was a successful year for you and 2024 will be even better!