New releases, boards and features

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New bugfix release We have released v8.3.2 with these changes. By accident the version number in lvgl.h wasn’t updated so we also released v8.3.3 where we fixed only  the version numbers. 

TinyTTF Thanks to @codewitch-honey-crisis LVGL got an embedded system compatible TTF font engine, called Tiny TTF. Now you can convert the TTF files to hex arrays or use them as files to create fonts with any size in run time.  

New STM and NXP boards We have 2 new repositories:

Great progress with unit tests

The first topic where we started spending the donations you sent for LVGL is unit tests. The result was surprisingly positive. Things were spined up greatly and now almost all widget have a unit test with >=95% coverage. If you want to jump into unit testing and get paid for your work, please refer to the #2337 issue. We have two other sponsored issues as well:

If you would like to support LVGL’s development and learn more about how we spend the donations check out this part of the README. Every dollar is highly appreciated!  

What we are working on now? As you might now v9 is under development and the following updates are in progress:

SquareLine Studio v1.1.1  SLS v1.1.1 is released with some minor features and bug fixes. Most importantly now you can run multiple SLS instances simultaneously. 

Some videos And finally here are some videos from the community and some SquareLine Studio tutorials: