LVGL ends its collaboration with SquareLine Studio

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As you know over the past two years LVGL and SquareLine Studio have enjoyed a close working relationship. LVGL played a key role in fostering SquareLine’s early development. Our collaboration was based on mutual benefits and shared goals and we both learned from each other.  

I am sad but also excited to announce to you all, that due to differences in our visions, this collaboration is coming to an end on the 12th of February. 

Because I really wanted this to work, there was a perception that SquareLine Studio was directly owned or built by LVGL. In reality, most of the decisions were not made by us. And the eventual truth is, we just couldn’t build up the partnership we have both imagined with the SquareLine team.    

We appreciate the collaborative efforts with SquareLine Studio and wish them success in their future endeavors, hoping they will offer continued support for LVGL for many years to come. 

But fear not, as the saying goes: when a door closes a window opens. We are already working on how and what to create for you in order to make the UI development with LVGL even smoother.

If you would like to share your ideas, needs, struggles, success stories and dreams about embedded UI development, this is the best time to do it. I encourage you to reply to this email ( and let us know what you think!