New features, Sponsored issues, New SquareLine Studio version and great videos

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New features As you might know that we develop v9 (the new major version) in the master branch. While we are preparing some larger architectural changes some great stuff were already added:

Sponsored Issues You might remember from the previous newsletter that we have strengthened our sponsorship platform at OpenCollective. We promised that we will spend the donations in a transparent way and we really did! We already paid 460 USD for people who added unit tests and for IT operational expenses.

If you are also want joint the development of LVGL and also get some payment pick one of these open sponsored issues:

SquareLine Studio There is some great news around SquareLine Studio, LVGL’s official UI editor tool as well. Its new version (v1.1) was just released with a Component Editor and new boards. In cooperation with Espressif we have added support for ESP-BOX and ESP-WROVER-KIT in SquareLine Studio. You can learn more about it in this great blog post from Esspressif: Making the Fancy User Interface on ESP Has Never Been Easier with SquareLine Studio!

New Videos I’ve collected a few interesting videos for you. Some of them are created by us and the others are created by the community. If you also have a great video with LVGL or SquareLine Studio, just let me know and if I can I’ll include it in the next newsletter.