v8.3 is released, new website and demos, 10k GtiHub stars, sponsorship, SLS beta v1.1

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Monthly Newsletter From now on we will send similar newsletters each month to keep you updated about the LVGL related stuff. I hope you’ll like it! :)

v8.3 is Released First things first, v8.3 is released a few weeks ago and it was followed by a bug fix patch (v8.3.1). See the change log here.

v9 is in Progress After v8.3 we started to work on v9. It will be a major version so will review the API and simplify it where possible. See the ROADMAP and related GitHub issue. I’ll write about the news in v9 in the next month’s newsletter. v9 is developed in the master branch, so to get the latest stable version, please use the release/v8.3 branch.

New Website and Demos We have redesigned our website, lvgl.io, added some new demos and also redesigned the README.

10k GitHub stars We have crossed the never-imagined 10,000 Stars limit on GitHub. Thank you for it! <3

Fair Sponsorship Once talking about the community, we have launched an interesting sponsorship program. At Open Collective anyone can support LVGL with donations. The interesting part is that we redistribute the donations among our contributors. Some issues are marked with “Sponsored” label and if someone implements them he or she gets a payment. Learn more in LVGL’s README.

SquareLine Studio v1.1 Beta And finally SquareLine Studio v1.1 beta is released with 2 important new features: Component editor: Convert widget groups to components that can be instantiated any number of times. On the instances you can make local changes, such as adding styles, events, or animations. See the docs to learn more. Open Board Platform: Create and add support for any custom boards in SquareLine Studio and export ready to use projects for them. All you need to to is zip-ping a template project, add a JSON descriptor and copy them in the boards folder of SLS. See how it works here.