v7.3 is released

The most interesting yet very simple feature of v7.3.0 are lv_event_send_refresh(obj) and lv_event_send_refresh_recursive(obj). They send an LV_EVENT_REFRESH event to an object or to all its descendants too. lv_event_send_refresh_recursive(NULL) will notify all the existing objects.

In the refresh event of an object the developer can see the current value of some variables and update the object accordingly. E.g. update the label’s text to a measured value, or to the newly selected language, or set the state of a checkbox according to a boolean variable.

The gist is you don’t have to check whether the object exists or not before updating it. Just notify all objects or all children of an object and if an object is there, and its refresh event is implemented it will do its job. Read more here.

New features


Arudino library

The core lvgl repository and lv_examples are now directly available as Arduino libraries:

See the README for more info.

New repositories

lv_lib_lodepng is renamed to lv_lib_png for consitency