New release v6.1 - New font and text feature and many more


It’s a minor release so it’s compatible with v6.0. You can simply replace the lvgl folder with the new version.

You should update your lv_conf.h from lv_conf_templ.h to see the new config options.

Main new features

Bidirections support

Add support to Right-to-Left and mixed writing directions. Learn more here.

Subpixel rendering

Make font rendering on lower resolution displays smoother. Learn more here

Font compression

Store the bitmaps of the fonts in a compressed way. Learn more here.

Higher quality fonts

The algorithm of the font converter is updated to produce better quality fonts.

New symbols

The following symbols are added to the built fonts: See all the symbols here.

Asserts in API functions

Add sanity check to the API functions. They can be configured in lv_conf.h. You can use a different configuration for development and for production.

Color picker object

A color picker object type is added. See it here.

Other updates