New release v6.0 - General events, better fonts, multi-display support, image rotation and more


General events

In v5.3 you could add actions to only a few object types (like a button). In v6.0 you can do it for an object type using Events.

Use lv_obj_set_event_cb(obj, event_handler) to set an event callback for an object. In event_handler you will get the caller object and the event like LV_EVENT_CLICKED/PRESSED/VALUE_CHANGED etc.

Learn more here.

Better fonts

A new font converter is created which supports kerning and some other features. It is written in Node.JS so it should be easy to use offline.

You can choose more fonts and ranges to include them in the final font file.

The new Online font converter: The source code of the Font converter:

Multi-display support

In v6.0 you can have multiple displays each with its own drivers and objects.

To learn more about multi-display support visit


A lot of improvements happened to smoothly support MicroPython. Click here to learn more about it MicroPython with LittlevGL

New forum

Not really a LittlevGL feature but it happens along with v6.0. We have launched a new, more modern forum:

You can easily log in with your GitHub or Google account.

The old forum will be moved to

Migrating from v5.3 to v6.0

v6.0 is not fully compatible with v5.3 because some API and even conceptual changes have happened:

The most important things

Actions vs Events

Driver level



Objects and Styles




@embeddedt for tirelessly supporting users and professional help in the development @amirgon for creating and maintaining the MicroPython binding @puzrin for creating the new font converter

And for every contributor who helped with pull requests, ideas and suggestion, testing and feedback,

Thank you very much for all of you!