Running LittlevGL PC Simulator from Qt-Creator in Windows

Qt-Creator is a powerful IDE and is easy manage non Qt project too. With the latest release Qt 5.12.0, GCC x64 compiler, Windows is also supported. This is a step by step tutorial


Copy SDL2 libraries

Settin up Qt-Creator project

Qt-Creator project set up

Qt-Creator plain C app

A new subfolder is created with, and main.c template.

Qt-Creator remove template source

Qt-Creator add directory

All sources files and includes should be already selected by default.

Qt-Creator remove template source

Qt-Creator add libraries path

Build and Run the project

Qt-Creator manage kit

Qt-Creator running LittlevGL demo in PC simulator

Qt-Creator is available also for Linux and MACOS. Adapting LittlevGL PC Simulator project on these OS should be simple. The complete project is available at this Github link: